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  • Prove Me Wrong (0)

    This wall is all about debating various viewpoints expressed by moderator and admin SimCidy. Most valuable are debate posts that include PROOF that contradicts viewpoint assumptions. Maybe we'll all learn something!

  • Politics (0)

    Local or global, there's a lot going on in the political realm. What happens "there" could very well affect us "here." What have you heard? What do you think?

  • Pop Culture (0)

    Sure, some of it is silly, but some of it's important. Let's talk about it!

  • Technology (0)

    Got a thought about technology?

    Computers, the Internet, security, gadgets...

    Whether industry-specific (e.g. medical, scientific, transportation, manufacturing, etc.) or personal consumer (e.g., the latest tablet, smart phone, wireless carrier), this is the place to chat about it.

  • World Views (0)

    What's This World Come To?

    Culture, society, food, good vacation spots?

    Oh, but please reserve political discussions for the Politics wall.

  • New Ideas (other) (0)

    If it doesn't fit elsewhere, post in New Ideas!